Psalm 62

This is the 5th piece in a series of 6 based on OKC Community’s Psalms series. I wasn’t able to be there last Sunday but I listened to Kaleb’s teaching via the OKC Community podcast which you can find in Apple Podcasts or here. Thanks for stopping by. This series of writings has been really fun and challenging for me and I hope they are encouraging for you.

Psalm 62

Though the ground below may bend and shake
Though she’s assaulted on all sides
She offers up her soul to take
Diminishing reasons left to hide

Though the clouds and wind blow fire at me
When there’s a hell inside my mind
I pour out my heart for you to see
And you open yours in kind

Though the swindlers seek to draw him in
When he’s needing and alone
His pocket is touched with hope again
Sustaining life that he can own

Now if you come and speak aloud
Give us the fortitude to hear
With faith based spines extended proud
Flow love and drown out fear

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