Miracles Everywhere

I wrote the following piece for the 2022 Easter service at OKC Community Church. Each stanza is paired with beautiful artwork by Leslie Koch. This piece was performed by Julien Hyacinthe with video elements by Tim Mannin. You can see the full presentation here. As always, it’s an incredible privilege to get to share the story of Jesus in creative ways and it was so much fun to collaborate with several artists on this project.

I walked behind as they laid leaves at his feet
Could actually see heaven lighting his path
Tingled from top to toe at the echoing HOSANNA
And as my voice joined the chorus
I knew that this was kingdom come
Amazed at everything he’d done
Practically floating into the city with the prophesied Holy Son

But the tone shifts as the meal is prepared
Bread and wine, body and blood
No lamb at the table
And he’s saying things that don’t make sense
That sacrifice somehow covers my debt
That his leaving brings life and to not be upset
And I would run if I could, but my feet were still wet

So we pray… like we always do
And I sleep because I am emotionally depleted
Overrun by his overwhelm
And his face is stained with tinted tears as he prays
Not as I will, but as you will
Not as I feel, but as you feel
Receive my necessary brokenness as an avenue to heal

And then things moved fast
Betrayed by our brother with a kiss
Taken away by men who do not love him
And denied by men who do
I don’t know him
I don’t know him
I don’t know him

But I do, and I see him hanging there
Bruised, berated, beaten, and broken
From his throat erupts “it is finished”
And the earth can’t help but reject the injustice
As the ground roughly shakes
As the temple tilts and quakes
As my heart, previously fractured, finally, fully breaks

So we wait and hide and grieve
And even though he told us what was coming
I am surprised when the stone is rolled away
Floored when the angel says
He is not here, he is alive
Proclaim what was dead to be revived
Run home weary wanderer he is waiting for you to arrive

And then he’s here
He’s standing right in front of me
And we’re touching his scars
We are seeing him breathe and speak and be
And my doubt gives way to delight
Three days of darkness recedes into light
And my spirit is on fire to speak and tell and write-

About everything he’s done
Knowing that it could never all be told
Knowing that nothing could be the same
From the streets to the table to the cross to grave
I am defined by these things that I see
May the gift of God’s love be my lasting decree
Because there are miracles everywhere but none
like the rescue that has happened in me

Hosanna, Hallelujah, and forever amen

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