She is.

I’ve had several people ask for the spoken word pieces I did for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year. I realized I hadn’t added them here so here is the first one.

She is.

She is.
She is mom.
She is mother.
Whether biological mother
Adoptive mother
Step mother
Single mother
God mother
Chosen mother
Or something in between-

She is.

She is bold.
She is 4 foot 11 but not afraid to yell at a Schilterbaun life guard because he was mean to her kid.
Your mom did that too right?
Ok, good.

She is socks.

“Where are your socks? You have so many socks. I have bought you so many socks where are your socks? I’m not mad we just need to go. I’m not frustrated we just need to go. I’m not yelling we just need to go. Fine. You don’t want to wear socks that is fine. I will say that this place we’re going does have a lot of little dogs with sharp teeth and there is nothing they like more than nibbling on the toes of small children… there they are! You found your socks… where are your shoes?”

She is breakfast on Saturdays.
She is a note in a lunchbox.
She is a prize if your good.
She is a time out if you’re bad.
She will give you something to cry about if you do not stop crying.
And she will give you kisses until you dont let her anymore.

She is a good night hug, a repeated story, a blanket when it’s cold, and a light left on in the closet.

She is safe.
She is comfortable.
She is home.
She is mom.

At her worst she is probably trying her best
And at her best she is one of the closest examples of God that I can think of.

Who am I to say that God is specifically and singularly male when I see Her goodness, and grace, and love in mothers every single day?

I do not fear because I’ve seen her fight monsters.

I do not get lost in sorrow because I’ve seen her find a way out of more than she should have to.

She is a light in the darkness.
A hand to hold
An ear to listen
Advice when we want it
And advice when we don’t

We find wisdom because she is our first teacher?
We find love because she teaches us to love.

She is field trips
And day jobs
And night jobs
And car rides
And DJ
And librarian
And coach
And pastor
And boss
And play time
And coloring contest judge
And hide and seek champion
And not a maid (she is not your maid)

She is all of this and so much more because she will not be defined by stereotypes.

She is unique
She is human
She makes mistakes and she fixes them
She is a lighthouse, a trail marker, and a guide post
She thrives on your success
She prays for your victories
She loves like Christ
And she gives life and gives life and gives life

So today we say I love you
Not because she needs it, but because she deserves it
And tomorrow we say I love you
Not because she forgot but because she deserves it
And every day we say I love you, and we say thank you, and we say bless you
Not because the other times weren’t enough but because

She is mom
She is mother
She is.

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