Psalm 139

This is the final piece in the Psalms Series. This series has been incredible and I’ve been so happy to explore it through these writings. You can hear Tim’s teaching on Psalm 139 here. It was also awesome to get to share this piece out loud with OKC Community today. There may be a video … More Psalm 139

Psalm 62

This is the 5th piece in a series of 6 based on OKC Community’s Psalms series. I wasn’t able to be there last Sunday but I listened to Kaleb’s teaching via the OKC Community podcast which you can find in Apple Podcasts or here. Thanks for stopping by. This series of writings has been really … More Psalm 62

Psalm 56

Another great week in the Psalms series at OKC Community. This week Kaleb taught on Psalm 56. This is the prequel to Psalm 34, written before David is delivered from the king. It’s again a very human response to a perilous situation. David admits to fear and anxiety and his only hope is a power … More Psalm 56

Psalm 51

This week’s passage is Psalm 51, David’s prayer as he realizes the extent of his mistakes (Bathsheba, Uriah, murder, etc.) I wanted to explore the idea of feeling the full weight of sin while not being crushed by it. The resolve looks at the theme of God being a permanent resident and not someone who … More Psalm 51

Psalm 34

This is the second piece in a short series of 6. I’m taking the current series at OKC Community Church, Psalms, and reflecting on the teaching through writing. This week we covered Psalm 34 (at break neck pace (thanks Kaleb)). There’s a lot here and I found the back story of David’s life or death … More Psalm 34

Psalms 100

A new series was started at church last Sunday. Over 6 weeks they’ll cover 6 individual Psalms. I, like a lot of people, have always felt a real connections to the Psalms. I love that they are creatively written and cover a variety of life and faith experiences. I’m trying to be better about writing … More Psalms 100