Yes You Are

There’s something so profound in the truth of your name
Never a negative noun or a bitter refrain
The creator of all nature has a nature to claim
Yes You Are
One in the same

I am broken battle blistered
Clanging chords of chaos
Prone to wander, God I feel
The definition of lost
Yes I am,
Fickle fallen
Tempted, tainted, and tossed
And all that I am clings to your skin while you cling to the cross 

Diametrically opposed
My ways are not your own
Redeem what stands in contrast
As you push away the stone

Unless your mercy runs dry
May we forever cry
Proclaiming everything you are
Let rocks be silent for awhile

Cause you’ve seen my darkest sin
The wretched crawling from within
And yet you infiltrate my DNA
With goodness over and over and over and over again 

Yes You Are

Forever faithful
Flip the tables of my temple (Jesus)

Yes You Are

Near to those in need
Alive in victory and glory

Yes You Are

Father till the end
Because you are, I am (again)

Yes You Are

You reveal your character
In the most spectacular of ways
Word made flesh
Souls made fresh
And human hearts are made to praise 

So, since you’ve shown us who you are
Make it all we want to be
Yes you are
Greater by far
With fresh awareness let us see

The above song and spoken word poem were performed live at OKC Community’s 2021 Easter Service. Yes You Are is an original song written by Stephen Thorne and OKC Community Worship. To watch the full Easter service click here. For more information on OKC Community Church, visit their website.

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