Psalm 139

This is the final piece in the Psalms Series. This series has been incredible and I’ve been so happy to explore it through these writings. You can hear Tim’s teaching on Psalm 139 here. It was also awesome to get to share this piece out loud with OKC Community today. There may be a video of that later that I’ll upload if I can. Thanks for stopping by. I hope these writings encourage you. You can also feel free to subscribe to this blog for email updates.

Psalm 139
A song of praise in 3 parts

Part 1: The Knitting and The Knowing
Tendons connect
Veins  intersect
Bones find their homes and you call them perfect

How carefully is a human knit
How thoughtful is the knitting
To make something functional, practical
But also beautiful, masterful

Do you start from the head down?
Or the toes up?
Or the soul out?
(I think I know)

You built my name in your mouth before names were a thing
You speak it in all languages
You hold it in all tongues
And when something is made that intentionally
It cannot be bought, forgotten, unhinged, or undone

You are and artist Father
So I call you Artist, Father
You are a creative Mother
Greater than any other

So when I say that God knows me
That’s where I’m coming from
And while I don’t have all the words to describe that knowing
I rest easy in the peace that comes from being known

Part 2: The Seeing and The Singing
I cannot run, escape, or recover from your grace
If I thrust my right arm out, I graze your face
If I dig deep into the earth, you will meet me there
And if I look above, you are the air as well

A carousel and a ferris wheel of devotion to me
You have boxed me in
And I have never felt more free
And in the middle of this twirling and whirling God cocoon
I get a gimps of your thoughts

You reveal yourself to me
You conceal yourself in me
And provide the potential for a shedding of self
And an emergence of majesty

My heart beats in time with yours
The notes of your goodness fill me with music
And even if my voice is sharp
Even if my feet are flat
You meet me where I am to create a harmony and a rhythm
That goes beyond belief
It causes me to pause
And demands that I sing

Part 3: The Searching and The Saving
Search me
See me
Broken and lacking
Embarrassed and needing
Check the corners and the shadows
The trap doors and the gallows

Reveal in me what is not of you
Make naked my nature
And then love me through

As we look back to the beginning
The Knowing and The Knitting
Maybe this searching seems unnecessary
(You already know us)

But you are a God of choice
And while you are jealous and true
We are not forced upon you

So yes, The Knitting creates The Knowing
But The Searching allows for Saving
And this relationship, this Seeing
Results in our Singing

That’s why we praise

A praise in three parts
For a God with three names
And a gift that repeats and replenishes
For the rest of our days

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