The Sacrifice

This is a variant of a piece I wrote a few years ago. I recorded this version for OKC Community Church as a companion piece to a sermon about the cross and in recognition of Good Friday. May you be blessed today as we look forward to Resurrection Sunday.

The Sacrifice

I can’t imagine what it felt like
To be bruised and beaten
Betrayed and belittled
Bleeding, broken, berated, and brittle

To be God in the flesh
The wine and the bread
To bring life to your children
And be murdered instead

I can’t imagine what it felt like
Adding my sin to your pain
I’ve carried it before, I know the weight
It was an insult to injury,
It was salt in the vein

This act defies logic
This sacrifice isn’t rational
And it’s the crescendo to a history
That has never been common, plain, or practical

You flipped everything on its head
You took a look at what we made of your world
How we twisted your promises
How we found pride in your provision
How we claimed ownership of your power
How we lie, steal, cheat, and devour

And you said… I love you. I’ll die for you.

The cross doesn’t make sense to me
And yet you are never senseless
You’re a thoughtful father
To the lost and defenseless
A constant companion
To the marginalized and the friendless
An example of humility
To the proud and religious
And our greatest sacrifice
The epitome of forgiveness

I hope I never understand that

There is power in the fact
That you are so unlike me
There is mystery in the way
That you are, on one hand, relatable
And on the other, unattainable

And as the cross gives way
To a story of renewal
As death bows down
To resurrection that is final
I’m blessed with the power
To weather the “right now”
Because time and time again
My God has shown me how

Thank you, Jesus

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