Let There Be Light

We start with nothing.
And then, the cataclysm of creation,
From void to holy formation,
God constructs the first foundation
With four small words
Let There Be Light

And while the beginning is perfect
We bear cracks on the surface.
Stacks of missed marks
And broken hearts
And the fear of forever
Forever falling apart.
Somehow, the pride of the Father,
His prized sons and daughters,
Are broken and desperate
And lost in the dark.
So Let There be light.

If He could do it at the start
He can do it right now.
If a city can be restored
Then a people can somehow
Be forever changed.
Forgiven and sustained
With love and a confidence
To proudly proclaim
That like a tower on a hill,
Like a beacon in the night,
Let There Be Light.

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