The In-Between Time

My heart longs for the homeland
For open spaces and mild seasons
For childhood landmarks and acquaintances I think I could love again

My hands burn for the city
For creativity and opportunity
For open-mindedness that drives me to think, to grow

My head aches for family
For uncomplicated holidays and weekend trips
For the opportunity to say “I’m hear for you” and actually be there

My knees bend for the lakefront
For dreams both occurring and unrealized
For my words to be uncaged, unblocked, unguarded

My body quakes with indecision and begs
For highways and six way intersections
For country roads and auburn horizons
For celebrated cultural diversity
For better school districts
For florescent lights
For majestic stars
For blizzards
For hail
For God


Because She is in both places
And He is unchanging but different from here to there
And I call that good
And I’m thankful for it
And my heart
My hands
My head
My knees
My body
My body rests in that
And reminds me that decisions are made when they’re made
And the in-between time is not to be wasted

Categories: Poetry

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