August was an east wind A swarm of locust Devouring everything Consuming my spirit, my hope, my focus I shed tears on your unfulfilled promises I hid fears out of fear that they would conquer us I gripped my knees and bit my lip through every sleepless night I spent mornings on those same knees … More Locusts

Second Homes

I’m a little bit confused I love this city despite its ability to bruise And though it’s not forever that I choose I will give and give and give and give to you You are the snow below my feet You are the art that drags me out from underneath And I don’t need distance … More Second Homes


This is where I lose control To my family, I wish I wrote to you But you can’t listen anymore And I am less than skin and bones I’m complex, color coded, torn in two And I get pissed when you ignore me as I Stand outside your house Pluck all your flowers out Stand … More Flowers


Second floor, third door on the right Coffee stains, answering machines that say that I’m not home Humming sounds, dull but loud From the power that’s been cut off Symmetry, where is the sound of me In this cemetery (and that sound it scares me) Who do you think I am? To leave this house … More Apartment

The River

We’ll call her Sadie when she’s born She’ll have a memory of a past that we have fully lived into We’ll learn to lead her by her arm Straight to the river hoping all her sins will be forgiven I am to young to understand The way the world works, how it floats in the … More The River