What I Will Do (Easter 2019)


Born without ceremony
In a barn behind an inn
Is this how the story of a savior begins?
They name me Jesus
Yeshua, Christ
God with us in the flesh, the foretold King of sacrifice

Did I not tell you what I would do?

Expectations reversed
Love instead of war
A child speaking as if he’s met God before
The outcast drawn near
Each one met with grace
No judgement, or condemnation when I’m approached in faith

Truth through stories
Ministry in secret
If I plainly spoke of things to come your mind would not believe it
This is a new way
This is life in abundance
Provision, protection, purpose, and substance

Did I not tell you what I would do?

Eyesight restored
The lame on their feet
Physical proof of the authority with which I speak
Demons cast out
Death met with rejection
Startling foreshadowing of a greater resurrection

The temple turned
Religion upended
Give me 3 days and all will be mended
Tested, mocked,
Betrayed, and denied
Beaten, humiliated, and left there to die

Side pierced
Blood and water
The veil torn in the house of my Father
The earth shakes
The accusers awed
“Surely”, they say, “this must be the son of God”

But did I not tell you what I would do?

The stone rolled
The prophecy fulfilled
Forgiveness and healing for all who would be healed
Death defeated
Shadows retreated
Your fault on my flesh at the moment you need it

And now you’re here
Wondering if I came for you

My child, my child, has nobody told you of the things I can do?

There’s no chain I can’t break
No lie I can’t shake
No guilt, or fear, or filth I can’t remake
There’s no hurt I don’t know
No shame I can’t overthrow
No heart break, or mind ache, or torn self worth that I can’t re-sew
No past derision
No present division
No secret or sin would ever change my decision

To come for you
To die for you
To speak and breath and cry for you
For you are my daughter
You are my son
You were in the middle of my thoughts on that day, this day, and beyond

Did I come for you?
I am obsessed with you
The Creator in communion with His creation…
Beloved, I am blessed by you

I do not change but I change everything
It’s why I came
It’s why I continue to pursue
My history and my future unwaveringly focused on you

Now go, remember, and rejoice.
For I have told you what I will do.

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