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Make me tall
Make me pretty
Give me muscles
Fix my teeth
Change the makeup of my DNA
Make me someone better than me

I don’t mind if my hair goes gray
But let me keep the hair I have
I don’t mind if I have to plan and save
But being independently wealthy wouldn’t be bad

Sometimes I get distracted by nothing at all
I’m bored or uninterested
Maybe I don’t mean the things I’m saying
Maybe you’re not listening

Make me kind
Make me smart
Give me grace
Fix my thoughts
Change these people and these situations
Make them something that they’re not

I don’t mind if the answer’s no
Or yes or wait or silence
I don’t mind if you spoken 10,000 times
But don’t remind me of my defiance

I think there might be an invisible reality
That exists outside of everything that immediately concerns me
I think God champions that space
I think my tunnel vision keeps me from tapping into it

Make me wise
Make me thoughtful
Give me perspective
Fix my allusions
Change the way I see the world around me
Help me to love with radical inclusion

I don’t mind if it takes forever
As you carve and plant and mold
I don’t mind if it hurts a little
As you make me brighter, better, bold

Prayer is this incredibly perplexing thing
That I can speak to the Father of creation and feel spoken to
It’s both intimate and wildly illuminating
You tell me secrets I can’t hold in, you speak grace that alters my life


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