Sinking Ship

Everyday they say
“You run out of here,
like rats on a ship”
Well if the vessel is doomed
What do you expect?

I’ve never been on a sinking ship
But I assume this is what it’s like
People shouting down the halls
People leaving without a real plan
People waiting it out and eyeing the lifeboats

At a certain point
There are just too many holes to plug
And not enough people to plug them
And the pluggers on board have never plugged before
And some of them are responsible for the holes

We disregard the Captain
He made the living conditions unbearable
He filled the ship with pirates and fools
He expected high rewards for minimal effort
He ignored everyone’s honest advice

This feels like a slow sink
There will be relief once it’s over
We’ll look at it from up above
Remember how terrible the sinking was
Be thankful we made it out alive

So here I am
In my quarters
Putting on my life jacket
And praying for a safe swim to shore

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