Timothy McVeigh: Thoughts on Guns & the Government

The following a short excerpt from my play Scissortail. These may not be his exact words (many of them are) but this defines how Timothy McVeigh felt about guns and the government. With all that we know now, I still see so many people who seem to agree with him in one fashion or another. They say things like, “The government is coming for our guns” and “We have a right to own weapons”. McVeigh used this logic to partially justify the deadliest terrorist attack the U.S. had ever seen. The even more prevalent/dangerous argument of “laws won’t keep these crimes from happening” contradicts data from other countries and seems short sighted.  I’m not saying that you’re like Timothy McVeigh… that kind of statement wouldn’t be fair or healthy. But I do think it’s reasonable to read the thoughts of an American Terrorist and gauge where you fall on his argument.

I don’t have all of the answers but I know that I don’t agree with McVeigh’s line of thinking. I think we can do better.

Americans have the right to own weapons, right? It’s… basic. People have the right to
survive. But that’s not what the government wants. What does Washington thrive on? Power. The government wants everyone to think the same, to act the same, do all the same shit. But you give a man a gun… and there’s a shift. The government has been coming for our firearms for a long time. That’s why I left the army, they can’t be trusted. Every year, more sneaky shit. Waco was a perfect example of what happens to a group of people who start to think for themselves. They stood up and threatened the system. The liberals got a little uncomfortable so the government takes them out.

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