Same Place, Same Time (A Song For the Sea)

I sit in an empty house
Where you once lived, you once live

I breath in the empty air
That you once breathed, breath into me

I step forward and you step backwards
We stand in the same place at one time

And I know that I am mine
And that’s fine, I think that that’s fine

I see the cannonball
Rip through the sturdy hull
And it’s sinking

I feel the hurricane
Blow through my mind again
And it’s sinking

And when we get to the bottom of the ocean
Will there be a shred of hope for you and me?

Will we find gold
In the baseness of the sand that once was man
Or is the other way around

I’m tripping
I’m sinking
I used to be whole
But now you’re gone and I don’t know where to go

So set this ship to harbor
Point the mast to where I need to be, eternally
For my sanity

I choose to handle this
Choose to sandal kiss the feet that you are walking on
This feat that I am walking through

And I will find gold
In the baseness of the sand
I will choose to be the man that you constructed me to be

Yes I will find gold
In the middle of my soul
This impossible ocean
There’s nothing
That separates me from you

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