For All

I never thought I’d have to say that Nazis are bad
I thought that was understood
I thought the KKK was for history books
For dark corners and secret forums

But that was naive
That was my privilege

You’ve given them a place at the table
You’ve told them that hate works
That some of Gods people are better than others
That darkness is good
That evil is fine

I hate you for that
I hate that you make me hate
I don’t do that
That’s not me
But if you’re being honest
Then I will be too

I don’t like constantly pointing out darkness
I’d rather do something tangible
But there’s so much to point out
And I don’t know what to do
To be silent is to accept things “as is”
To be vocal is to offend a small group of supporters
But that support is dirty
And I don’t need it

God, move
Please move
Help me to speak light in the dark
Be light in the dark

Hold those that are afflicted
Like you always have
Banish the wicked
Like you always do
And help me to know what to do
Help us to know what to do

This is not your church
He doesn’t speak for you
They don’t speak for you
You came FOR ALL
We believe that
We proclaim that
And those who don’t
In any way
Those who defend them
Those who defend him
Are not for you
Full stop.

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