Second Homes

I’m a little bit confused
I love this city despite its ability to bruise
And though it’s not forever that I choose
I will give and give and give and give to you

You are the snow below my feet
You are the art that drags me out from underneath
And I don’t need distance to see
How you give and give and give and give to me

From empty stages with my friends
We’ll watch the sun rise as it burns Lake Michigan
You’d think after six years I’d begin to understand
How you just give and give and give and give again

So tonight we raise a glass to second homes
To chosen families and spaces to belong
This life has thrown me farther than I had ever dared to wander
And I’m thankful for those that came along

If home is where the heart is, then I guess my heart is broken
But that’s an injury I’d never dare to mend

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