The Sniper

Still Sleep Sniper holds me down
My bones bend to make a stomach turning sound
And I’m damned to dance this waltz
Because the jury found out all my faults
While this still sleep sniper holds me down

These pig faced liars lift up Seth
Pouring thick streams of doubt and I will never catch my
And we kill to do our best
So in the end we’ll find eternal rest
While these pig faced liars sleep in death
Time grows greener by the day
I drink liquid arguments but the rabbits won’t come play
Concerned they make me sit
And find my limbic system’s shot to shit
My time is heavy weighted clay

So sleep in silence sleep in noise
Find your purpose, claim it calm, poised
Because there’s freedom when I sing
But afterwards I can’t find anything
So pray in silence pray in noise

Categories: Poetry

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