The River

We’ll call her Sadie when she’s born
She’ll have a memory of a past that we have fully lived into
We’ll learn to lead her by her arm
Straight to the river hoping all her sins will be forgiven

I am to young to understand
The way the world works, how it floats in the invisible axis
And if this God, She has a plan
Instruct us vocally, yes all we ask is that you ask of us

The river flows to angry bends
There is no telling of the course that it will take to wander
The people kneel to wash their hands
But lose their fingers when the cold comes in and the ice is biting

I find it hard to eager dive
The questions linger and the answers are a second journey
The buried scream that “We’re alive”
But they are known to falsify the facts that bring us comfort

We’re here
We are hungry
Yes we are starving in the wilderness
We’re here
Still here
And we are lonely
We are lost amongst the rest of us
We’re here

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